Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Food Diary - Wednesday August 28th

I've decided to put more info into my food diaries because the way I write them now expects everyone to know how slimming world works and they're not very helpful for new members so from now on I'll break down the list into free foods, superfree foods, healthy extras and syns.


No breakfast - I don't eat before weigh in and I know it's not very healthy but it's psychological! I also have to go to the toilet before weigh in as well, whether I need to or not!

30g cheese - Healthy Extra A
80g of wholemeal bread - Healthy Extra B + 2 syns (the weight of a portion of wholemeal bread for a H.E. is 60g. You add 1 syn per 10g over the 60g)
50g Tesco value ham - 3 syns
2 tablespoons tesco value salsa - 1 syn
Lettuce - Superfree
Tomato - Superfree
Cucumber - Superfree
Pickled onions - Superfree
Pickled gherkin - Superfree
2 tablespoons of Tesco light caeser dressing - 1
Shape yogurt, mango flavour - Free
Banana - Superfree

Black caramel flavoured coffee with 2 sweeteners - Free
2 tesco value chocolate bourbon biscuits - 7

Rosemary steak - Free (make sure all visible fat is removed from the steaks)
Roast potatoes - Free
Cabbage - Superfree
Carrots - Superfree
Onions - Superfree
Gravy - 0.5

Recipe for rosemary steak with roast potatoes and onion gravy

Shape yogurt, vanilla flavour - 0.5
Banana - Superfree
Grapes - Superfree

2 boiled eggs - Free
1 tbsp salad cream - 1
Cheese puffs - 4
Shape yogurt, peach and passion fruit flavour - 0
Grapes - Superfree

Total syns = 20

Please note: The normal amount of syns is between 5-15 per day but I've been told I can have 20 syns per day because I started at 31 stone. The syns will be reduced as the weight comes off.

Please also note: I don't work for Slimming World and take no responsibility for any information I may get wrong on any of my posts.

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