My Weight Loss Story

It started piling on the weight when I was around 8 years old and never really stopped.
I've lost weight over the years and once, I even got down to 10 stone but as soon as I stopped dieting I put it back on plus more.

I've had three children and each time I've put on more weight. It wasn't until I started working at the laundry that I was able to maintain my weight and I even lost some for a while.
I started to think it was too hard to lose it and gave up trying. As long as I wasn't putting anymore on I was ok with myself.

Then I lost my job and became a full time stay at home mum. My weight went up and up with each passing year and last year I was diagnosed with a hernia. The doctor told me I was too big to have the surgery to fix it and if I wanted to stay alive, I needed to lose the weight.

I tried again by joining an online group that sets your calorie intake etc and for a couple of months I stuck to it and lost a few pounds.
Then came Christmas and my willpower up and left!
I put the hernia to the back of my mind and started eating normally again. Well, I say normally, I actually started overeating a huge amount. I'd snack every night on a big bowl ice-cream but only after I'd polished of three quarters of a bag of tortillas and a pot of dip.

In August I happened across a story about a man who'd lost over 17 stone with Slimming World.
I'd tried Slimming World a few years ago but never really got on with it; I decided to give it another go because I was getting depressed due to the constant feeling of guilt when I thought about the hernia or the possibility of the kids not having a mum while they were growing up.

I looked online, found my nearest group and told Ant that I was going to join.
I weighed in at 31 stone 1lb but far from being upset about it, I was happy that I was finally taking control and I knew that I wouldn't be seeing that weight again when I stepped on the scales!

With each passing week my confidence and determination has grown and this year, I'm not letting anything, not even Christmas, sway me from my path to my goal weight.

I want to get to 10 stone so that's the target I've set with Slimming World. I don't know if I'll be able to get there by weight loss alone because from all the research I've done, being this big usually means some skin removal surgery will be needed so while I can get rid of the fat by healthy eating and exercise, I may not be able to see 10 stones on the scales without surgical help.
I'm not going to worry about that yet though, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it!

I've been going to Slimming World for 1 year (at today's date of 21/08/2013) and have lost 7 stone. I hope to reach my target in 2015.

Please feel free to follow my journey :)


  1. Hi, I just wanted to say that I follow you on your journey :) and every wednesday I come to see if you have made a new blog entry. Although progress is going a little slow at the moment, you definitely should NOT give up, after all, as it says on the picture, it's not going to be easy, it's going to be worth it! :) x

  2. Thank you so much for your comment. It really does help to know people are out there, caring about me and my progress. I definitely won't be giving up, as you'll see from the weight loss update post I've just published :) xx

  3. good for you keep going you give inspiration (by the way I am another person and not the first post) well done!!

    1. Thank you :) I'm still plodding along, not really getting any smaller but not getting any bigger so that's one good thing!

  4. Hi, I used to follow your blog but you don't post on it any more. You haven't given up have you?

    1. Hi Beth, I'm so sorry I didn't see this comment sooner. I've only just seen today that 9 comments were awaiting moderation but I don't have moderation on the comments so I've no idea why they didn't publish.
      I haven't given up but I have been struggling.
      I got my 8.5 stone loss award a few months ago but since then I've gained a stone back. I'm aiming to lose it again before Christmas then really go for a good year in 2015!
      I don't update this blog as I just don't have time but I do an update post every Wednesday on my other blog
      Thanks for stopping by and again, I apologise xx

  5. Inspirational xx

  6. Michelle I think you must be a fabulous person really great character and so determined like you Ive always had to watch my weight over the years Ive piled the weight on over eating but mainly not taking time to look after myself - Looking after everyone else easy to do and becomes habitual I am trying to lose 6 stone struggling to get on to 2 stone loss I will do it but its slow Great to know your story and that we can all do it and we can all plod along and we will keep going

    1. Thank you for your lovely kind words :)
      I'm still plodding along. I'm working on getting back to the weight I was when I got my 8.5 stone award then I really want to get my 9 stone award before Christmas. I've got some of my old determination back :)
      Good luck on your journey xx

  7. Hi just found your story I love it as I go to slimming world hope you are doing well with it x

    1. Hi, sorry for the delay. If you look at my reply to another comment above, you'll see that I didn't realise I had pending comments.
      I'm still working on it, just not finding it as easy as I did that first year.
      I'll keep going forever though because while I'm going, even if I'm not losing, I'm not putting it back and I don't ever want to be 31 stone again!
      I will get to my target, it's just taking longer than I expected!

  8. keep on trucking girl...your brilliant!!!