Slimming World UK

You can find all the information on the Slimming World website so I won't go over it all here but what I did want to share with you was the personal reasons I'm loving Slimming World and why I believe it's working for me.

  • On Extra Easy you can eat free foods until you're full. Free foods include potatoes, rice, pasta and fresh fruit and vegetables to name a few! I never feel hungry or like I'm having to deprive myself.
  • The group I attend is full of absolutely wonderful people who offer support every week, as well as throughout the week by becoming Facebook  friends :)
  • Until I joined the group, I hardly ever left the house. I was too worried about people staring at me and my confidence took a battering with every extra pound I gained.
    I now look forward to my Wednesday morning weigh in. I'm getting my confidence back :) We have a laugh, drink coffee, share advice and recipes and generally have a good time.
  • The goals you set and the awards you receive when you reach them keep me motivated.
  • The food is all normal, everyday foods that I can feed to my family. You don't have buy expensive ingredients and you don't have to cook 2 different meals.
  • I'm easily eating my 5 a day without even having to think about it!
These are some of the reasons why I've lost 7 stone in 1 year and why I know I'm going to get to my target weight.

Please note: I don't work for Slimming World and take no responsibility for any information I may get wrong on any of my posts/pages.


  1. Hi, I found your blog really interesting. Would you be interested in trying our Food Rubs? They are great for slimmers as they add so much great flavour to meats, veg and fish but contain only natural ingredients with no sugar, salt or additives, plus they have several health benefits. Please check out and let us know if we can send you some sachets to try. Bev

  2. Hi Bev, I'd love to try some of your sachets and would be happy to do a review on my other blog if you wish. Please feel free to email me and I'll send you my details. You can find my other blog at
    Thanks for getting in touch. Shell

  3. Love the post...I started in October and am still loving Slimming World. Have a read about my new year incentive!

    Lydia :)

  4. Michelle, your website is really inspiring - I hope you're just taking a short break and will come back to your blog soon. I have started my weight loss and fitness journey today - I hope in 18 months I have done as well as you! Although, I've managed to guzzle all my Syns by lunchtime today though - certainly wasn't expecting that - but it's only Day 1 so I'm hoping I'll get to grips with it soon!

    My blog is if you'd like to pop on by :)