Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Weekly weigh in - 1lb lost

It feels like it's going really slowly at the moment and for a while I was ok with that but today I'm started to get fed up.
I'm happy with 2lb a week because it means I could reach my target around May 2015.
If I'm only losing 1lb a week that'll take me to November 2016 and that's quite depressing if I'm honest.

I've tried going back to basics, starting as if it's a new week and making sure I weigh all healthy extras etc but nothing seems to have a made a difference.
It doesn't seem to matter whether I have a huge portion or a child size one, I still only lose 1lb a week.

I do know a loss is a loss and if I only had a few stone to lose I think I could cope with that but when you have another 164lb to lose on top of the 103lb you've already lost, 2 years can seem like a lifetime away.

Anyway, enough of the moaning, it's another week and if I'm going to lose even 1lb at the next weigh in I need to remain optimistic and not let it get to me.

I might actually try a success express week thinking about it and see if it'll give me a bit of a boost.

Wish me luck!

22/08/12 31 stone 1lb 435lb 197.3kg BMI = 77
29/08/12 30 st 9.5lb 429.5lb 194.8kg BMI = 76.1 - 5.5lb
05/09/12 30 st 9lb 429lb 194.5kg BMI = 76 - 0.5lb
12/09/12 30 st 5lb 425lb 192.7kg BMI = 75.3 - 4.0lb
19/09/12 30 st 3.5lb 423.5lb 192.0kg BMI = 75 - 1.5lb
26/09/12 29 st 13lb 419lb 190.0kg BMI = 74.2 - 4.5lb
03/10/12 29 st 12.5lb 418.5lb 189.8kg BMI = 74.1 - 0.5lb
10/10/12 29 st 10lb 416lb 188.6kg BMI = 73.7 - 2.5lb
17/10/12 29 st 6lb 412lb 186.8kg BMI = 73 - 4lb
24/10/12 29 st 2lb 408lb 185kg BMI = 72.3 - 4lb
31/10/12 HOLIDAY
07/11/12 28 st 13lb 405lb 183.7kg BMI = 71.7 - 3lb
14/11/12 28 st 8.5lb 400.5lb 181.6kg BMI = 70.9 - 4.5lb
21/11/12 28 st 8lb 400lb 181.3kg BMI = 70.8 - 0.5lb
28/11/12 28 st 5lb 397lb 180kg BMI = 70.3 - 3lb
05/12/12 28 st 4lb 396lb 179.6kg BMI = 70.1 - 1lb
12/12/12 28 st 2lb 394lb 178.7kg BMI = 69.8 - 2lb
19/12/12 27st 13lb 391lb 177.3kg BMI = 69.3 - 3lb
23/12/12 27st 12lb 390lb 176.9kg BMI = 69.1 - 1lb
02/01/13 28st 3.5lb 395.5lb 179.9kg BMI = 70.1 + 5.5lb
09/01/13 28st 0.5lb 392.5lb 178.03kg BMI = 69.5 - 3lb
16/01/13 27st 12lb 390lb 176.9kg BMI = 69.1 - 2.5lb
23/01/13 27st 8lb 386lb 175kg BMI = 68.4 - 4lb
30/01/13 27st 6.5lb 384.5lb 174.4kg BMI = 68.1 - 1.5lb
06/02/13 27st 3lb 381lb 172.8kg BMI = 64.4 - 3.5lb
13/02/2013 27st 2lb 380lb 172.3kg BMI = 64.2 - 1lb
20/02/2013 27st 0.5lb 378.5lb 171.6kg BMI = 64 - 1.5lb
27/02/2013 26st 10.5lb 374.5lb 169.8kg BMI = 63.3 - 4lb
06/03/2013 26st 10.5lb 374.5lb 169.8kg BMI = 63.3 - 0
13/03/2013 26st 10lb 374lb 169.6kg BMI = 63.2 - 0.5lb
20/03/2013 26st 9.5lb 373.5lb 169.4kg BMI = 63.1 - 0.5lb
27/03/2013 26st 9lb 373lb 169.1kg BMI = 63 - 0.5lb
03/04/2013 26st 4.5lb 368.5lb 167.1kg BMI = 62.3 - 4.5lb
10/04/2013 26st 6lb 370lb 167.8kg BMI = 62.5 + 1.5lb
17/04/2013 26st 4lb 368lb 166.9kg BMI = 62.2 - 2lb
24/04/2013 26st 2lb 366lb 166kg BMI = 61.8 - 2lb
01/05/2013 26st 364lb 165.1kg BMI = 61.5 - 2lb
08/05/2013 25st 13lb 363lb 164.6kg BMI = 61.3 -1lb
15/05/2013 25st 10.5lb 360.5lb 163.5kg BMI = 60.9 - 2.5lb
22/05/2013 25st 10lb 360lb 163.2kg BMI = 60.8 - 0.5lb
29/05/2013 25st 11.5lb 361.5lb 163.9kg BMI = 61.1 + 1.5lb
05/06/2013 25st 8.5lb 358.5lb 162.6kg BMI = 60.6 - 3lb
12/06/2013 25st 7lb 357lb 161.9kg BMI = 60.3 - 1.5lb
19/06/2013 25st 4lb 354lb 160.6kg BMI = 59.8 - 3lb
26/06/2013 25st 3lb 353lb 160.1kg BMI = 59.7 - 1lb
03/07/2013 25st 0.5lb 350.5lb 158.9kg BMI = 59.2 - 2.5lb
10/07/2013 24st 12.5lb 348.5lb 158kg BMI = 58.9 - 2lb
17/07/2013 24st 10.5lb 346.5lb 157.1kg BMI = 58.6 - 2lb
24/07/2013 24st 7.5lb 343.5lb 155.8kg BMI = 58 - 3lb
31/07/2013 24st 7.5lb 343.5lb 155.8kg BMI = 58 - 0
07/08/2013 24st 4lb 340lb 154.2kg BMI = 57.5 - 3.5lb
14/08/2013 24st 2lb 338lb 153.3kg BMI = 57.1 - 2lb
21/08/2013 24st 0.5lb 336.5lb 152.6kg BMI = 56.9 - 1.5lb
27/08/2013 24st 1lb 337lb 152.8kg BMI = 56.9 + 0.5lb
04/09/2013 23st 13lb 335lb 151.9kg BMI = 56.6 - 2lb
11/09/2013 23st 13lb 335lb 151.9kg BMI = 56.6 - 0
18/09/2013 23st 12lb 334lb 151.5kg BMI = 56.4 - 1lb
25/09/2013 23st 11lb 333lb 151kg BMI = 56.3 - 1lb
02/10/2013 23st 10lb 332lb 150.5kg BMI = 56.1 - 1lb


  1. Hi, just wanted to express my admiration, I've been browsing SW blogs, and have been following the plan as well as I can without joining (finances don't allow) I don't weigh myself at all, because I know how obsessive I become, and just hope for the best. I'm sure my weekly losses are tiny, but after two months clothes are really showing the difference. It will probably be two years for me, too, so reading of the experiences and motivation of others really helps. You seem really well-organised, and I'm sure you'll be enjoying the cumulative effect of your loss so far soon. When I feel low, and de-motivated, I put on something that was too tight a few weeks ago! Best wishes, M

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment and good luck on your journey :) xx

  2. I really feel for you, it's so upsetting when you work hard then weigh in to find it's just a 1 lb loss. But as you say "it's not going to be easy, it's going to be worth it". Just look at the more shorter term goals and a pound a week, is still over 50 lbs in a year, which is amazing. Good luck for next week xx

  3. Try not to dwell on the number, like you said 'a loss is a loss' and you should give yourself a huge pat on the shoulder for doing so well!! I know its hard to stay motivated when you're putting all that effort it but just remember that it is paying off :). x

  4. You are doing amazingly well!!! A 1lb loss even per week is very impressive and you are going in the right direction! Here's to next week :) Sim @ Sim's Life xx

  5. Even if your weight loss is slowing down (which is normal the more you lose), you're still definitely going in the right direction - don't get downhearted, you're doing amazingly ! xxx

  6. Even if your weight loss is slowing down (which is normal the more you lose), you're still definitely going in the right direction - don't get downhearted, you're doing amazingly ! xxx

  7. I should introduce myself first, I'm Sharon and I found you via 7hippopotamus and the lose a stone for Christmas.

    A loss is a loss and a slow steady loss is the best way for it. I know it can seem frustrating and I have been in the same boat, January 2012 I was 51lbs heavier than I am today and although I'm only just over halfway I already feel miles better, it will get that way for you too! But back then it did just seem impossible. The graph is going in the right direction and you're doing amazingly well!
    I starved myself for years and couldn't keep it up, add to that becoming ill and I gained loads of weight, I ate so little that it really did feel unfair, I then started binging, it was a horrible cycle. I eventually sat down and kept a diary of what I ate, I actually increased my calories in the week and would lose. Just look after yourself, be healthy but don't completely eliminate the foods you love and you'll get there!

    Sharon xx

    Beauty, Miscellany

  8. I know what you mean, I always give up after I lose the initial few stone because it seems like it's never ending. You really have done amazingly and you will lose the weight, it just takes time unfortunately and that is the bit that is so frustrating! I wish I could go to bed and wake up a size 12 - or even a 16 would do me nicely. I'm so fed up of looking the way I do and having to work my arse off and eat food I cant stand to lose weight, but I'll do it - eventually! I wish I had your motivation, you've done so well for so long and I really do admire you for that. I often found on slimming world that I lost more the more I ate or if I had the odd chocolate bar - seemed to kick start my motabolism again! Good luck for next week x

  9. Keep going, try switching things up it may speed the metabolism up again

  10. Thank you for your support everyone, it really does help keep me going :) xx