Wednesday, 22 August 2012

My quest begins!

Slimming World is going to turn me into the shrinking lady of the blog title!

I went to my first class today and even though I was a little aprehensive at walking into a room full of people, I reached deep down and found some confidence that had been hiding away somewhere.
I'm not going to let my weight rule me anymore, I'm going to be in charge.

I've blogged about my weight before when I found out that I had a hernia. I have to lose weight before it's safe enough for me to have the operation to fix it.
I've felt guilty all year because instead of losing weight, I've gained one and a half stones since I was diagnosed with the hernia last October.

My physical health seems to have deteriorated quite fast in the last few months. I'm having trouble walking, my back has been very weak and painful and I've also started having difficulty breathing.

I'm actually looking forward to going back for my first weigh in next week :)

Starting Weight - 31st 1lb/435lb/197.3kg
Starting Measurements - Chest ***  Waist ***  Hips ***

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