Saturday, 21 September 2013

Food Diary Friday 20th September

Weight watchers yogurt - Free
Banana - Superfree

80g wholemeal bread - Healthy extra b + 2 syns for the extra bread (a portion of wholemeal bread for a healthy extra is 60g so you count 1 syn per 10g of extra bread)
Salsa - 1
Ham - Free
30g cheese - Healthy extra a
Weight watchers yogurt - Free
Banana - Superfree

Cowboy pie -
Minced steak - Free
Carrots, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes - Superfree
Beans - Free
Mashed potato with margerine - 5.5

Flapjack - 9.5
Ice cream - 10

Total syns = 28

Please note: the normal amount of syn sis between 5 - 15 per day but I've been told I can have more because I started with 20 stone to lose. The syn will be reduced as the weight comes off.

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