Saturday, 21 September 2013

Food Diary Saturday 21st September

Weight watchers yogurt - Free
Pear - Superfree

Vegetable soup - Superfree

Pork steaks - Free
Potatoes and peas - Free
Broccoli and cabbage - Superfree
Gravy - 2

Jam and cream biscuits - 8
Bourbon - 4

Pickled onions - Superfree

80g wholemeal bread - Healthy extra b + 2 syns for the extra bread (a portion of wholemeal bread for a healthy extra is 60g so you count 1 syn per 10g of extra bread)
Salad cream - 2
Ham - Free
30g cheese - Healthy extra a
Apple and pear - Superfree
Chocolate wafer - 4
Weight watchers yogurt - Free

Total syns = 22

Please note: the normal amount of syn sis between 5 - 15 per day but I've been told I can have more because I started with 20 stone to lose. The syn will be reduced as the weight comes off.


  1. I've never done slimming world, so it's interesting to see what kind of foods you can eat. I hope that you've had a good week x

    1. You've just reminded me that I forgot to do my weekly weigh in post this week! I lost another pound at weigh in on Wednesday which was fine and what I expected.
      We've had so much going on this week with some unexpected (good) news that it's kind of taken precedence over everything else!
      I hope to catch up with my food diary and weigh in post tomorrow. Thanks for thinking of me this week :) xx