Monday, 2 September 2013

Sunday September 1st Food Diary

Shape yogurt, cherry - Free
Banana - Superfree

80g Wholemeal bread - Healthy extra b + 2 syns (a healthy extra amount of bread is 60g so count 1 syn for every 10g over the 60g)
30g Cheese - Healthy extra a
Ham - Free
Homemade salsa - Superfree
Lettuce, cucumber and pickled gherkin - Superfree
Boiled eggs - Free
2 tbsp salad cream - 2
Shape yogurt, strawberry - Free
Pear - Superfree

Mashed potato - Free
Carrots and cabbage - Superfree
Peas - Free
Tesco light choices cumberland sausages - 1
Gravy - 1

Shape yogurt, apple crumble - 0.5

Daisy made banana and peanut butter ice cream - syns unknown

Sausages - 1
Cabbage - Superfree
1 tbsp ketchup - 1
Shape yogurt, vanilla - 0.5
Banana - Superfree

Total syns = 9 + the unknown syns from the ice cream so probably about 30.

Please note: The normal amount of syns is between 5-15 per day but I've been told I can have 20 syns per day because I started at 31 stone. The syns will be reduced as the weight comes off.

Please also note: I don't work for Slimming World and take no responsibility for any information I may get wrong on any of my posts.

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