Sunday, 16 December 2012

December 16th Food Diary

Today I went to a family Christmas party. I didn't count all the syns because I didn't know what a lot of the food was. I filled my plate with free ham and turkey before adding a few other treats such as a mini pastie, a piece of quiche with pastry (I left the crust but ate the base) and some breaded chicken bites.

I had a glass of Bailey's with ice which I estimate to be around 70ml and a Cadbury's roses chocolate.

There are no syn values on this diary but I'll be back to counting the syns tomorrow :)

No breakfast

Ham, turkey, 3 pigs in blankets, 4 cocktail sausages, 6 chicken bites, quiche & mini pasty

Chocolate and vanilla cream cupcake, 2 mini vanilla slices, 1 profiterole and a piece of yule log, however, I didn't finish the yule log as I was full

Cheese on toast - HEA & B
Shape and clementine - Free

Banana and clementine - Free

I also had a chocolate covered lebkuchen

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