Saturday, 8 December 2012

December 8th Food Diary

2 slices wholemeal bread - 1 HEB + 4.5 syns
Eggs - Free
Ketchup - 1 syn
Banana and clementine - Free
Yogurt - 2.5 syns

Jacket potato - Free
Chicken curry mushy pea curry (I made too much and ran out of room in the freezer so I've had to have this every day till I used it's now gone!) - Free
Clementine - Free

Mash - Free
2 Cumberland sausages (Tesco light choices) - 2 syns
Beans - Free

1st snowball of the season!! :D - 4 syns
Cadbury's caramel velvet - 2 syns
Cadbury's golden barrel - 2.5 syns
Tree chocolate - 4 syns*

* I'm not sure of the exact syn value but it weighed around 13g and from looking at a different pack on the tesco site that resembled the ones I bought, the calories were 68 each so I'm rounding up to 80 and using the 20 cals to 1 syn I've heard tell of!

Total = 22.5 syns

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