Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Weekly weigh in

Well after putting 110% effort into the plan this past week (not counting the kitkat I ate when I miscalculated my syns for that day) I was disappointed with my 1lb loss.
Then I talked to Ant and remembered that the important thing to dwell on is that I lost 1lb this week!
I didn't maintain, I didn't gain, I took another pound off the total amount of pounds I need to lose so it's nothing to be disappointed about.

After speaking to my consultant and the people in the group I think I need to relax and not try so hard. The weeks where I've lost 3 or 4lbs are the weeks I've not even thought about super free and free food. I didn't make sure I filled my plate with 2/3 super free, in fact I didn't even think about the difference between free and super free, foods were either free or syned and that's how I'm going to do it from now on.
I don't want another week eating salad before every meal because for 1, I'm not that keen on salad! and 2, it  adds money onto the food shopping budget which is already stretched to the maximum!

I've got 3 more weigh ins before Christmas and I really want to get my 3 stone and club 10 awards so I need to lose 2lb each weigh in and I'll be happy :)
I've downloaded the free, Thinking Slimmer Christmas Slimpod (see the link to the left for the free download) and I'll be listening to it every day because we're putting the decorations up on Saturday which means the Christmas trolley will be filled with goodies.
I've already changed the room round so the trolley isn't next to my chair where it usually goes and I'm confident that I won't over-indulge this festive season :)

22/08/12 31 stone 1lb 435lb 197.3kg BMI = 77
29/08/12 30 st 9.5lb 429.5lb 194.8kg BMI = 76.1 - 5.5lb
05/09/12 30 st 9lb 429lb 194.5kg BMI = 76 - 0.5lb
12/09/12 30 st 5lb 425lb 192.7kg BMI = 75.3 - 4.0lb
19/09/12 30 st 3.5lb 423.5lb 192.0kg BMI = 75 - 1.5lb
26/09/12 29 st 13lb 419lb 190.0kg BMI = 74.2 - 4.5lb
03/10/12 29 st 12.5lb 418.5lb 189.8kg BMI = 74.1 - 0.5lb
10/10/12 29 st 10lb 416lb 188.6kg BMI = 73.7 - 2.5lb
17/10/12 29 st 6lb 412lb 186.8kg BMI = 73 - 4lb
24/10/12 29 st 2lb 408lb 185kg BMI = 72.3 - 4lb
31/10/12 HOLIDAY
07/11/12 28 st 13lb 405lb 183.7kg BMI = 71.7 - 3lb
14/11/12 28 st 8.5lb 400.5lb 181.6kg BMI = 70.9 - 4.5lb
21/11/12 28 st 8lb 400lb 181.3kg BMI = 70.8 - 0.5lb
28/11/12 28 st 5lb 397lb 180kg BMI = 70.3 - 3lb
05/12/12 28 st 4lb 396lb 179.6kg BMI = 70.1 - 1lb

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