Monday, 3 December 2012

December 3rd Food Diary

Eggs, bacon and tomatoes - Free
Banana and 2 satsumas - Free
Yogurt - 2.5

Speed soup - Free
1 slice cheese on toast - HEA & B
2 satsumas - Free
Yogurt - 2.5 syns
Velvet crunch - 4 syns

Jacket potato - Free
Broccoli - Free
Minced beef, carrots and onions - 2.5 syns for the gravy

2 snowballs - 6 syns

Curry cake - free
Satsuma - Free
Kitkat - 11.5 syns

Total = 29 syns

As you know, I take photos of all my meals but the other day I broke my camera and I'm having to use my iphone. It's an old one and the camera is rubbish so I've had my old Samsung Tocco ultra charged up and I've been using that for photos because it's better. Today, for some reason, I took some photos on my iphone and the lunch photo on my Samsung so when I was calculating my syns by looking at the photos on the iphone, I totally forgot about lunch which means although I've been told I can have up to 30 syns a day, I try to stick to 20 ish and I now feel like I've had a bad day.
I know I don't have to but to get it right in my head, I'm going to cut back on tomorrow's syns so I'll feel better about my weigh in on Wednesday morning :)

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