Sunday, 18 November 2012

November 18th Food Diary

1 slice brown bread - HEB
Bacon and egg - Free
Banana and shape - Free
Ketchup - 1 syn

Pork mushy pea curry and jacket potato - Free
Satsuma - Free

Options - 2 syns
2 snowballs - 6 syns

Quiche with ham, mushrooms, tomato, cottage cheese with chives and eggs - Free
Cheese - HEA
Fried potatoes with garlic - Free
Beans with thyme - Free
Satsuma and shape - Free

Half a cup of speed soup - Free
Discos - 7.5 syns
Chewee bar - 4.5 syns

Total syns = 21

I'm planning on trying some gentle exercise tomorrow with Just Dance on the Wii. My ankle is still weak and sometimes painful but I figure even if I can't move my feet much, I'll still get some exercise by moving the top half of my body. I have to start my body magic again now because you have to do it for 4 continuous weeks and I only managed 2 weeks before I had the accident.
Tomorrow is the start of my body magic quest once again :)

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