Wednesday, 28 November 2012

November 28th Food Diary

I dropped my camera when I took it out to take a photo of the amount of dinner I left tonight because I was full and now it won't work :'(
It's only a couple of months old as well so I'm more than a little annoyed at myself!

I can't put today's photos on now so here's my dairy without photos and hopefully I'll be able to get it fixed and add them at a later date.
I'll have to use my phone tomorrow and it's not a very good camera so I apologise in advance for the rubbish quality!

Black coffee with sweetener - Free

Jacket potato and left over bolognese sauce - Free
Tomatoes, cucumber and mayo - 1 syn
Apple and activia - Free

Chilli and rice - Free
Salad with leaves, tomatoes and cucumber and fat free salad dressing - Free

Yogurt - 2 syns
Satsuma - Free

Curry cake - Free
Satsuma - Free
Rice pudding - 9 syns
Choc chip cake bar - 6 syns

HEA - 30g cheese
HEB - 1 slice brown bread

Total = 19 syns

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