Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Weigh In Wednesday - Had a Great Week!

I'm so happy with my loss today because I'm now out of the 400lb bracket and into the 300's :D

I lost 3lb this week and whilst I was very happy with the loss, it wasn't until I was filling in my weight loss chart and wrote 397 pounds did I realise what a huge milestone this is for me.
I really wasn't happy being over 400lb and I know it's only 3lb away, it's a huge deal mentally. It's given me a boost and I really can't wait to lose 4lb for my 3 stone award and then another 2lb for my club 10 award :D

I really am committed to getting to target this time and keeping it off for good. It's been 14 weeks since I joined and I've lost every week. I'm never hungry, I never feel deprived of anything, I have everything I want and instead of eating everything in sight because I could, I now eat what's important to me; for example, I was doing the shopping list for Christmas dinner and automatically put cranberry sauce on the list. I checked the syn value and decided there were lots of other lovely things I'd rather spend my syns on than cranberry sauce on Christmas day! Before, I would have eaten it because it was tradition and I wouldn't have given the chocolate, alcohol, nuts, crisps and everything else we have at Christmas, a second thought, I would have eaten the lot.
Now I know that what's important to me on Christmas day is a few glasses of Baileys and some chocolate. If I can spend my syns on those and stay on track I'll enjoy Christmas and enjoy the loss I plan on having at the next weigh in!

This is the quote I got when I put my results in the Slimming World website and I totally agree with it being a journey, not a destination and I know that with the help of SW and the people in my weekly group, I can enjoy the journey :o)

22/08/12 31 stone 1lb 435lb 197.3kg BMI = 77
29/08/12 30 st 9.5lb 429.5lb 194.8kg BMI = 76.1 - 5.5lb
05/09/12 30 st 9lb 429lb 194.5kg BMI = 76 - 0.5lb
12/09/12 30 st 5lb 425lb 192.7kg BMI = 75.3 - 4.0lb
19/09/12 30 st 3.5lb 423.5lb 192.0kg BMI = 75 - 1.5lb
26/09/12 29 st 13lb 419lb 190.0kg BMI = 74.2 - 4.5lb
03/10/12 29 st 12.5lb 418.5lb 189.8kg BMI = 74.1 - 0.5lb
10/10/12 29 st 10lb 416lb 188.6kg BMI = 73.7 - 2.5lb
17/10/12 29 st 6lb 412lb 186.8kg BMI = 73 - 4lb
24/10/12 29 st 2lb 408lb 185kg BMI = 72.3 - 4lb
31/10/12 HOLIDAY
07/11/12 28 st 13lb 405lb 183.7kg BMI = 71.7 - 3lb
14/11/12 28 st 8.5lb 400.5lb 181.6kg BMI = 70.9 - 4.5lb
21/11/12 28 st 8lb 400lb 181.3kg BMI = 70.8 - 0.5lb
28/11/12 28 st 5lb 397lb 180kg BMI = 70.3 - 3lb


  1. That's just fabulous - you're doing so well with hitting all your short term goals, having a really positive outlook and really making a lifestyle change for a healthier and happy future - many congratulations and remember all your virtual pals are out here rooting for you!

    All the best for this week, although I know you'll smash it once again!

    1. Thank you Lo-Lo, it really does help having all the support online as well as in "real life"! :)

  2. That's a brilliant quote - and well done on another fabulous week :)

  3. well done on this weeks loss. You're doing so well x

  4. Love your thinking! You're doing so well - my diet guru! x

    1. Never been called a guru before; I think I like it! lol :o)

  5. You're doing fantastic Michelle, well done! Best of luck in reaching your 3 stone award x