Thursday, 1 January 2015

I'm back! Food Diary January 1st

The last year doing SW has been rubbish for me. Not because anything changed with SW but because I wasn't 100% committed.

With the launch of Extra Easy SP this year I've decided to make a new start and really go for it.

I got my 8 and a half stone award last year and since then I've put nearly 2 stone back on so my current loss is 6 stones 10lb.

I'm going to be doing my photo food diary again to help me keep track and be aware of everything I'm eating like I was during the first year.
I do have to get back into the habit of taking the photos though....I forgot to photograph my snack and supper!

So here's my food diary for today:

120g wholemeal bread (2 x HEB)
Beans (P)
Mushrooms (S)
Fried eggs (P)
Clementines (S)

30g Gouda cheese (HEA)
2 eggs, scrambled (P)
Gammon, no fat (P)
Mushrooms (S)
Melon (S)
Clementines (S)

Turkey curry
Turkey (P)
Tomatoes (S)
Carrots (S)
Cauliflower (S)
Onions (S)
Swede (S)
Parsnips (Not S or P but I made the curry before I started on SP and there are only 3 small ones in a huge pan so not worried about them today)

Gammon (P)
Salsa (1 syn)

Hot chocolate - 3.5 syns
Irish cream 25ml - 4 syns
2 pink n whites - 5 syns

Total syns = 13.5 


  1. Happy New Year to you! Many of us that follow SW have slipped off the path at one time or another - I'm currently in the same position as you and two stone over where I like to be. So, as your blog is the first to pop up on my blog reader this morning, I am taking my inspiration from you and am also back to following a food diary. Wish us both luck!

    1. Good luck Wendy and happy new year to you :D
      Let me know how you get on. I have my next weigh in on Wednesday and for the first time in a long time, I'm looking forward to seeing how I've done. I'm only on day 2 but feeling very confident :) xx

  2. Getting motivation back is the biggest hurdle so you're halfway there already - I thought I did reasonably last year then was gutted to see I weighed more on 1st Jan 2015 than 1st Jan 2014 - big oops ! I've just kicked off the Sunday weigh-in linkie again so let's see if we can find some more diet buddies ! xxx