Wednesday, 7 January 2015

SP Food Diary January 7th

Bread (HE high fibre white bread HE + 2 syns)
Ham (P)
Cheese (HEA)
Chutney (2 syn)
Crisps (5 syns)
Yogurt and banana (totally forgot I was doing a SP day! But it's ok to occasionally have free foods that aren't S or P)

Veg sausages (not sure if these are a P food either - not doing very well with SP today!)
Quiche with mushrooms, onions and tomatoes (S & P)
Beans (P)
Melon, clems and plums (S)

Veg sausages and left over quiche
Options hot chocolate (2 syns)
2 pink n whites (5 syns)

Hi-fi bars (HEB)

Total syns = 16

Please note: the normal amount of syns is between 5 and 15 but because I have so much to lose, I can have extra syns. When I get below 20 stone, I'll drop them to 15.

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