Friday, 9 January 2015

SP Food Diary January 8th

Melon and clems (S)
Hi-fi bars (HEB)

Cheese (HEA)
Ham (P)
Bread (HEB +2 syns)
Chutney (2 syns)
Cucumber and tomatoes (S)
Fat free dressing
Plums, melon and clems (S)
Crisps (5 syns)

Pork and peas (P)
Onions, mushrooms, carrots, leeks, cabbage, cauliflower, tomatoes (S)
Quark for pudding with options chocolate (Not shown P + 2 syns)

Ham and cottage cheese (P)
Options (2 syns)
Pink n whites (5 syns)
Curly wurly (Not shown 6 syns)

Total = 24 syns

Please note: the normal amount of syns is between 5 and 15 but because I have so much to lose, I can have extra syns. When I get below 20 stone, I'll drop them to 15.

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