Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Yay for me....Slimmer of the Week :oD

After last weeks disappointing half a pound loss, I made up for it this week with a 4lb loss :o)
I got my first half a stone reward and I got slimmer of the week, which brings with it a large bag of fruit :)

As well as enjoying the feeling of my weight loss, I also had a great time in the group today. I overcame some of my shyness and decided to sit next to people, not on my own, at the end of the row of chairs as in previous weeks.

I chatted to people and laughed and had fun.

I feel totally comfortable in the group and I'm starting to look forward to going instead of being nervous. It makes a change to get out and meet people after spending all week in the house.

I've set myself a target of a 3lb loss for next week - wish me luck :)

Starting Weight - 31st 1lb/435lb/197.3kg BMI = 77

29 August 2012 - 30st 9.5lb/429.5lb/194.8kg BMI = 76.1
05 September 2012 - 30st 9lb/429lb/194.5kg BMI = 76
12 September 2012 - 30st 5lb/425lb/192.7kg BMI = 75.3

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