Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Woohooo!! Lost my first stone :D

Well, to be exact, I've lost 1 stone and 2lbs so I'm currently grinning like this...

I'd set a 2lb target for myself for this week so I was delighted when she told me I'd lost 4.5lbs!

I think my photo food diary really helped me this week and I plan to carry on with it. I, like a lot of slimmers, struggle with the reality of what we eat and the amount our brain lets us remember that we've eaten!
Writing it down helped keep track of the syns but it didn't really help me recall what I'd actually eaten, especially as I write down the ingredients rather than the actual meal.

Anyway, back to group - I find myself enjoying it more and more each week as I get to know everyone and this week I had a bumper week, winning slimmer of the week,

slimmer of the month

and my 1 stone award :D

As slimmer of the week you get to bring home the contents of the fruit basket that everyone contributes to, which was wonderful because it's only mid week and our fruit basket is looking a bit empty!

I'm off now to take a photo of myself (I want to take one each time I lose a stone) and make some lunch. I'm ready for it today!

Starting Weight -

22 August 2012 -       31st 1lb   /  435lb   /  197.3kg / BMI = 77

29 August 2012 -      30st 9.5lb / 429.5lb / 194.8kg / BMI = 76.1 / Lost 5.5lb
05 September 2012 - 30st 9.0lb / 429.0lb / 194.5kg / BMI = 76    / Lost 0.5lb
12 September 2012 - 30st 5.0lb / 425.0lb / 192.7kg / BMI = 75.3 / Lost 4lb
19 September 2012 - 30st 3.5lb / 423.5lb / 192.0kg / BMI = 75    / Lost 1.5lb
26 September 2012 - 29st 13lb  / 419.0lb / 190.0kg / BMI = 74.2 / Lost 4.5lb


  1. Well done Michelle, the photo food diary is a good idea. You are doing really well see you next week :0)

  2. That's brilliant, well done! x

  3. That's amazing - well done ! :) Congratulations on winning all the awards - nothing like a bit of extra motivation to keep the weightloss going.

    1. Thank you :) Yes, it certainly put me on a high for a couple of days!

  4. Brilliant, well done you! I found you via the Healthy bloggers FB group, just about to subscribe to your blog. I'm re-starting Slimming world today, although not going to group.

    1. Thank you :)

      Good luck with your slimming. I'm really pleased I picked slimming world. I'm enjoying losing weight for the first time ever!