Wednesday, 5 September 2012

2nd weigh in and a bit of a disapointment

I only lost half a pound this week and I was quite disappointed with that result. I've only eaten all my syns on one day, the rest of the days I've had less than 10; I've upped my super free foods and slightly decreased the portion sizes of free foods.
I keep forgetting to have my milk for my Healthy Option A so I figure that seeing as I'm not drinking much coffee now I'll have different foods for my option A.

I resisted the choc ices in the freezer, even though I had plenty of syns left to be able to have one if I really wanted; I decided I wanted weight loss more than I wanted to eat the choc ice so I didn't have one.
I've eaten loads of fruit and veg and switched from low fat yogurt to fat free yogurt, even though they cost more than double the ones we usually have!

So the plan moving forward is to fill in SAS sheets all week and get a menu planned for the week. I was talking to Ant and he said he's noticed that whenever I plan the menu in advance, I always do better with my weight loss so that's what I'm off to do now :)

I'm not letting the disappointment get to me, last week is over, now to work on another loss for next week :)

Starting Weight - 31st 1lb/435lb/197.3kg BMI = 77

29 August 2012 - 30st 9.5lb/429.5lb/194.8kg BMI = 76.1
05 September 2012 - 30st 9lb/429lb/194.5kg BMI = 76

Starting Measurements - Chest 54"  Waist 54"  Hips 73" (Going to get Ant to help me check these because it's difficult doing it on my own!)

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