Thursday, 6 September 2012

Yogurt, drinking chocolate and planning ahead.

I like the occasional yogurt but when I found out that our regular low fat yogurts cost 2.5 syns, compared to 0.5syns for a fat free fruit flavoured one, I decided to find some new yogurts.

I'm eating more fruit, vegetables and yogurt since starting Slimming World so I need a good variety to stop me getting bored.
Last week I bought Irish fat free fruit yogurts but they had a bit of a tang to them and I didn't really enjoy them so this week I've tried Shape vanilla and chocolate and Shape crumble flavours.

The rhubarb crumble one is absolutely delicious. It's creamy and just sweet enough to stop the tang. I don't think I've enjoyed a yogurt before as much as I did with this one and I'll definately be trying all the other flavours Shape offer.

I can't wait to try the apple crumble one, if it's as sweet and creamy as the rhubarb I'm going to be one happy slimmer!

While searching the virtual aisles of Tesco, I came across a Cadbury's Highlights Chocolate Caramel drink; Cadbury's Caramel has always been one of my favourite chocolate bars so I figure if I can get a chocolate hit using only 2 syns it'll be good day :)

I wasn't disappointed but don't get me wrong, it's not the same as having that chocolatey caramel ooziness melting in your mouth but the flavour is delicious.
I'm looking forward to having one with my Hi Fi Chocolate Bliss tomorrow for a snack.

I bought the new Slimming World magazine for this month and they've put together seven days of menus for Extra Easy so today I'm going to take the time to plan ahead. I've pinned a few recipes to Pinterest and have more sites to look at so with ideas from the magazine and the web I should be able to put together a tasty and filling weekly menu.
I know from past experience that when I plan ahead I eat less and spend less!


  1. There is very little choice of low fat / low sun yoghurts here in Cyprus - I miss mullerlights!

  2. Mullerlights are the best :) but can be expensive.

    Hope you're doing well, even with the extra challenges you face living in Cyprus. Thanks for stopping by xx