Sunday, 6 January 2013

Get Fit, Feel Epic #GFFE

I started my journey to get fit in August last year. I decided to join Slimming World and now I've started losing weight I want to get more active. I made the decision that I wanted to be around to see my children grow and have families of their own more than I wanted to keep eating until I was too big to move.

I've been dancing along to various songs on Just Dance on the Wii; I have to admit though, I'm not very confident yet and really don't like doing it front of people as my body doesn't seem to want to move the same way as the person on the screen! What looks really easy when watching someone else doesn't feel the same when I try to do it! However, I had fun which made it worth it.
I do hope that when I lose weight, I'll be able to dance along with the best of them!

To help me along the path of feeling epic, I've ordered a fitness trainer game for the Wii; I'm hoping that having a proper routine to follow will get me motivated to exercise regularly.

I started SW with 21 stone to lose and I've lost 3 stone (well, I've put a bit back on over Christmas but it was less than half a stone and I'm confident it'll be gone again very soon!) in four months. I'm hoping that getting regular exercise will give my weight loss a boost and help me reach my target sooner :)


  1. Well done you for tackling your weight. I have lost a stone in about 6 weeks on SW and feel so much better but like you need to stick with it for a while yet and make it a new lifestyle.
    Good Luck on the fitness front.
    Really liked your post - very honest and true.

  2. Sorry to be a pain - competition sponsor insists that all entries link to Money Supermarket site and with a do follow link. So you need to change your post if you want it to be judged. Sorry again.

    1. No problem :) I've linked to the same link in your post, hope that's the right one? :)