Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Weekly weigh in - Lost half a pound

Well another week with a disappointing result but after talking to the ladies at my group I'm putting plans in place to get that 4 and a half stone award next week!

We think I may have been eating too many bananas. I know they're free foods and it it says you can eat as much free food as you want but different people react to different types of food in different ways and the last time I had more than 1 banana a day my losses slowed down.

I've also decided to do some green and original days this week. The reason I've decided to do this is because apart from a couple of weeks many years ago, I'm new to green and original which means I have to read the book properly and it'll be like starting Slimming World again. Hopefully it'll give me a boost and get me back to my better losses.

I've been looking at my weight loss table and I've highlighted the weeks where I got my stone awards. It took me a lot longer to lose the last stone and I need to get back on track and get those losses moving.

I'm also going to plan next week's meals as I've been getting a bit lazy and sticking to the same sort of things.

22/08/12 31 stone 1lb 435lb 197.3kg BMI = 77
29/08/12 30 st 9.5lb 429.5lb 194.8kg BMI = 76.1 - 5.5lb
05/09/12 30 st 9lb 429lb 194.5kg BMI = 76 - 0.5lb
12/09/12 30 st 5lb 425lb 192.7kg BMI = 75.3 - 4.0lb
19/09/12 30 st 3.5lb 423.5lb 192.0kg BMI = 75 - 1.5lb
26/09/12 29 st 13lb 419lb 190.0kg BMI = 74.2 - 4.5lb
03/10/12 29 st 12.5lb 418.5lb 189.8kg BMI = 74.1 - 0.5lb
10/10/12 29 st 10lb 416lb 188.6kg BMI = 73.7 - 2.5lb
17/10/12 29 st 6lb 412lb 186.8kg BMI = 73 - 4lb
24/10/12 29 st 2lb 408lb 185kg BMI = 72.3 - 4lb
31/10/12 HOLIDAY
07/11/12 28 st 13lb 405lb 183.7kg BMI = 71.7 - 3lb
14/11/12 28 st 8.5lb 400.5lb 181.6kg BMI = 70.9 - 4.5lb
21/11/12 28 st 8lb 400lb 181.3kg BMI = 70.8 - 0.5lb
28/11/12 28 st 5lb 397lb 180kg BMI = 70.3 - 3lb
05/12/12 28 st 4lb 396lb 179.6kg BMI = 70.1 - 1lb
12/12/12 28 st 2lb 394lb 178.7kg BMI = 69.8 - 2lb
19/12/12 27st 13lb 391lb 177.3kg BMI = 69.3 - 3lb
23/12/12 27st 12lb 390lb 176.9kg BMI = 69.1 - 1lb
02/01/13 28st 3.5lb 395.5lb 179.9kg BMI = 70.1 + 5.5lb
09/01/13 28st 0.5lb 392.5lb 178.03kg BMI = 69.5 - 3lb
16/01/13 27st 12lb 390lb 176.9kg BMI = 69.1 - 2.5lb
23/01/13 27st 8lb 386lb 175kg BMI = 68.4 - 4lb
30/01/13 27st 6.5lb 384.5lb 174.4kg BMI = 68.1 - 1.5lb
06/02/13 27st 3lb 381lb 172.8kg BMI = 64.4 - 3.5lb
13/02/2013 27st 2lb 380lb 172.3kg BMI = 64.2 - 1lb
20/02/2013 27st 0.5lb 378.5lb 171.6kg BMI = 64 - 1.5lb
27/02/2013 26st 10.5lb 374.5lb 169.8kg BMI = 63.3 - 4lb
06/02/2013 26st 10.5lb 374.5lb 169.8kg BMI = 63.3 - 0
13/02/2013 26st 10lb 374lb 169.6kg BMI = 63.2 - 0.5lb

LilySlim Weight charts

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  1. You remain an inspirational woman to me. Also I was interested to read about the banana issue as they feature lots in my eating at the moment. I like how you take a really strategic approach to your weight loss journey. Thanks for linking up.

  2. Good luck, I prefer green days and I'm struggling with extra easy but here in Cyprus there are severl things that are hard to get that I used to eat a lot and its making it harder. First time round I lost 4st doing pretty much all green days!

  3. your still doing an amazing job! i have no doubt you will get back on track! we are getting stuck in the same routine with eating the same sorts of stuff too! back to the meal planning here too x

  4. You're doing fabulously ! I find it incredible that the only week you've put on anything at all was over Christmas. Your weightloss will start slowing down the more you lose too, I seem to think, but definitely don't get disheartened, just look at the journey overall - you're a star !

  5. i tend to stick to the same things too, i need to plan my meals better, i agree with Cheryl you are a star xx

  6. What an amazing journey so far hun! You are doing amazingly well! I'm the same with bananas, could quite happily eat them all day - though I assumed they were part of the carb family, even though they are free also on WW.

    Good luck with this next week!

    Sim @ Sim's Life x