Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Monday June 17th Food Diary

Shape and banana - 0
Tassimo - 4.5

Chinese rice with onions, mushrooms and broccoli - 0
Crisps - 3.5
Pear and shape - 0

Cottage pie - 2

Snowballs - 6

Egg and ham mayo - 1
6 crispbreads - HEB
Milk - HEA
Shape - 1
Orange - 0

Total syns - 18

Please note: the normal amount of syn sis between 5-15 per day but because I started with 21 stone to lose I've been told I can have more and the syns will be reduced as the weight comes off.


  1. What activity do you do with your eating properly? I've started swimming laps... I absolutely love it, the water is just the invitation I need!

  2. Hi Tammy, when I first joined slimming world I didn't really do any exercise. I found it hard to even walk but I did try to start out doing some easy dances with the girls using the Wii.
    I now walk them to school every morning and aim to do an average of 5000 steps a day. I want to build it up to the recommended 10000 steps and as the weight comes off it'll get easier :)
    This week though, I've been really active doing gardening for my mother in law. I've been digging, shoveling stones etc and I'm really enjoying it.
    I've never really been able to be this active so it's all new to me!
    One day I hope to learn how to swim because I can imagine that I'd love using swimming for exercise.
    I've always been too embarrassed to learn because of my weight but one day I'll be comfortable enough to go :) xx