Monday, 11 February 2013

Body Magic Challenge - Week One

I've half heartedly started a Body Magic challenge about 4 times since joining Slimming World in August last year; I've yet to complete a full week!

This week is different. I didn't let the snow put me off this morning, I put my trainers on and walked the girls to school :)

Ant downloaded a pedometer app on my phone for me so I can keep track of the exercise I'm getting and I'm using the information to fill in the Body Magic challenge on the Slimming World site.

I'm working towards my Bronze Body Magic which means I have to do 45 minutes of activity each week, over at least 3 days and maintain it for 4 weeks.
All this walking is going to help me achieve that and hopefully give my weight loss a boost while strengthening my ankle. Three excellent reasons to keep it up!

This is a big challenge for me because being 27.3 stones means walking isn't easy for me but I know it's the best way to get me healthier and fitter.
I never thought I'd be saying this but I now believe those people who exercise regularly, who say that exercise gives you energy! I had to sit and rest when I got in, not because I needed to, but because my hernia was pulling a little. I know I have to be careful with it, it's just hard when my body is still calling out to be up and moving because I have loads of energy after the brisk walk in the cold air!

I'll rest for another 5 minutes then get the music on and get my cleaning done :)

Stats for week beginning 11th February 2013
I'll add the figures each morning when I get back from school :)

Date Lap Steps Lap Distance Lap Calories Lap Time Lap Avg. Speed
11/02/13 2259 1.51km 75.8* 35.08 2.6 km/h
12/02/12 2526 1.69km 225.0 36.02 2.8km/h
13/02/13 2722 1.82km 236.5 34.05 3.2km/h
14/02/13 2374 1.59km 206.2 29.34 3.2km/h
15/02/13 2643 1.77km 220.2 32.36 3.3km/h

* I think the reason this amount is lower than the rest of the week is because I forgot to set my weight before I started and obviously being heavier than average means I use more calories when exercising.

Also, there are a couple of reasons why I've done more steps on some days than others; Kaycee was asking why I count the steps when we go to the same place everyday. She thought that because we always went the same way to school, the distance and amount of steps would be the same.
I told her it would be about the same everyday if her and her sister didn't leave bags on park benches and not realise until we were nearly at school which meant we had to walk a few hundred more steps to fetch them then walk back to school or if we didn't lose a pound coin in the grass and spend 10 minutes walking round in circles trying to find it!
At least they're helping me get more exercise!!

***I've surpassed my body magic target this week :D Only 3 more weeks to go to get my body magic award!***

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