Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Cucumber cups with tuna salad

We had a taster session at group today and I decided to make some Cucumber cups with tuna salad.
I've been collecting low syn buffet food ideas for our Christmas Day buffet tea and I loved the idea of these cucumber cups.
Tuna and cucumber is one of my favourite sandwich fillings but I didn't want to spend syns on the bread so this is the perfect compromise for me!

You will need:

2 tins of tuna in water
2 level tbsp extra light mayo (2 syns)
2 level tbsp sweet pickle (2 syns)
2 tomatoes, diced
half an onion, diced (or to taste)
Salt and Pepper
Fresh dill to garnish (optional)


Drain the tuna and mix it with the mayo, sweet pickle, tomato, onion and salt and pepper.

Cut the cucumber into about 2cm thick slices then using a melon baller, scoop out the middle, making sure not to go right through the bottom.

Fill in the middle of the cucumber with about a teaspoon of the tuna salad.

Top with freshly ground black pepper and some fresh dill (if you have it....which I haven't today!)


  1. These are a great idea ;o)

  2. I wish I could say they were my idea but I saw them on Pinterest! :)