Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Just watched 'My 600lb Life'

I'd not seen this programme before and started watching it at part 2 of Melissa's story.
It struck a chord with me when she said she thought that having surgery to remove the loose skin was going to be like a magic pill and instead hers turned into a nightmare with months in hospital.
In my mind, I also thought of surgery as an end to the process of losing all this weight and I'd suddenly look fabulous!

I now know it's not going to be like that and I have to get my mind used to that fact. It's not going to be like a magic wand being waved over me but what I'm going to tell myself, is that as long as I look good when I'm wearing clothes, it doesn't matter what I look like when they come off.

The only people who are going to see my naked body is me and Ant and he loves me as I am now so some loose skin is not going make him bat an eyelid. I'm totally confident in his love for me and his wonderful support is one thing I'm relying on to get me to through this journey.

I know I'm going to be left with loads of loose skin and I know I'm going to want my arms and stomach doing but I'm not going to let it get me down or rule my life. I'll concentrate on how much healthier I'll feel and everything I'll be able to do rather than on what I look like with some extra skin.
The programme has helped me get things into perspective and I feel a bit better about it all now. I'll admit, the loose skin I'm going to have has been playing on my mind a lot lately so it's been a good thing to confront instead of trying to ignore it and worrying about it when it happened.


  1. My mum has a hernia too and they won't operate till she loses weight. But they said they would do tummy tuck at same time, to encourage her to lose the weight. Sadly she can't lose any, she cant go out the house no more. So as you have to have it done, they might do this for you aswell xxx Sharon. Ps its that weighing day tomorrow whoop whoop.

  2. Oooh that's good to know Sharon :) When the time comes, if they don't mention it, I'll have too!

    I think you get more excited than I do about weigh in day :D lol It's really great to have your support and I do appreciate it ;) xx

    I'm looking forward to it again this week. I've had a good week and it's taking almost no effort to stick too.
    Slimming world is definitely the right choice for me :) I'm not tempted at all to overeat and my portion sizes are still reducing :)