Monday, 15 October 2012

October 15th Food and Fitness Diary

1 slice brown bread - HEB
Bacon - Free
2 fried eggs - Free
Brown sauce - 1 syn
Orange - Free
Shape - Free

Jacket potato - Free
Ham - Free
Tomato - Free
Extra light mayo - 2 syns
Orange - Free

Chicken and rice - Free
Choc ice - 7 syns
Sparkling fruit flavoured water - Free

Options - 2 syns
Choc mousse - 6 syns
Fitness minutes today - 15
I played Just Dance today which isn't unusual but the difference today is that I did it with the kids! It's the very first time I've done with anyone else in the house and we had a great time :D
Looking forward to doing my last 20 minutes tomorrow which will be my 45 minutes for the week before my weigh in on Wednesday morning.
Total syns today = 18

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