Thursday, 11 October 2012

October 11th Food and Fitness Diary

Photos to be added 
1 crumpet - 4.5 syns
1 cheese triangle - 2 syns
Coffee with milk from HEA and sweetener - Free
Mid morning snack
1 orange - Free
1 shape yogurt - Free
Leek and potato soup - Free
2 slices brown bread - 1 HEB + 4.5 syns
1 orange - Free
Cottage pie including lean minced beef, carrots, peas, mashed potato and gravy - 2 syns

Creme Caramel - 5.5 syns
2 crackerbread - 2 syns
2 dairylea - 4 syns
1 orange - Free
1 shape yogurt - Free
Total syns today =  24.5

Please note: the normal amount of syns is between 5 and 15 per day but I can have more because I have so much weight to lose.

Fitness Minutes Done

 10.37secs and yes, those seconds count!!! :D (and yes, I did stop the timer in between the changing of the songs!).
OMG I think my arms are going to drop off!
I managed 3 Just Dance songs today *yay me!* :D
I usually want to give up after 1 but try and push myself to do 2. Today I pushed that little bit more and made it to 3 songs. This means I can take 10 minutes off my total of 45 minutes for the week, spread over 3 days, to achieve my first week towards my bronze fitness award at slimming world :)
I'm really very pleased with myself!


  1. Yea Michelle well done, .. you go girl !! Xxxx Sharon h. I need you to show me how to say it my comment. Anonymous it is lol

  2. Ps love the new title x

  3. Hi Sharon,

    thanks :) Going to do some more Just Dance today with the girls. They're looking forward to mum joining in and not just watching!

    I think you can choose Name/URL instead of Anon. and just put your name. I don't think you have to put a URL.
    I'll test it with this comment :)

    Thanks for your continued support Sharon, it means a lot ;) xx

    1. Yep, you can leave the URL field blank :) xx