Friday, 24 May 2013

Friday May 24th Food Diary

Black coffee with sweetener - Free
Bacon, mushroom and ketchup sandwich - HEB + 3 syns for the extra bread and ketchup
Yogurt - 3.5

Crisps - 3.5
Banana - Free
Shape - 0.5

Crisps - 3.5
Banana - Free
Caramel wafer - 4

Dinner starter
French onion soup, sourdough bread and butter - syns unknown!

Chicken breast and maple pork ribs with side salad, spicy chips and onion rings - syns unknown!

Rocky road sundae - syns unknown but could only manage half!

2 bottles of J2O - 9
Baileys latte - syns unknown!

Total syns = No idea! :D

Today my husband and I celebrated being together for 10 years so I decided that as we rarely go out to eat, I was going to enjoy our night together and not worry about syns :)

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