Tuesday, 28 May 2013

No weekend food diary!

I spent the bank holiday weekend in Portsmouth with my super wonderful husband and we celebrated being together for 10 years.
I took photos of most of the food I ate but I didn't count syns and I enjoyed every meal and treat!
Here are the photos from some of the meals I had from Friday 24th to Monday 27th...I have no idea how weigh in is going to go tomorrow but I'm fine with whatever result I get :)

French onion soup with sourdough bread and butter

Yogurt, apple juice and mini muffin

Costa fruit smoothie

BBQ chicken and ribs, chips, side salad and onion rings

Rocky road sundae

Baileys coffee

Croissant, butter, jam, juice and yogurt

Toast, jam, butter and fruit salad

Toffee ice cream

Piri piri chicken, (I removed the skin) cheese topped bread, butter cheese, salad, potato salad and pasta salad

Hash browns, mushrooms, scrambled egg, tomatoes, beans, toast, butter and brown sauce


  1. :) that's where I live, you had amazing weather. I would literally kill for that rocky road sundae!

    1. We were so lucky with the weather :) We both had a wonderful time and spent most of the weekend at the historic docks. I was quite sad to leave!
      I only ended up eating half of the sundae because it was so huge and I was already full from the starter and the main!